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Total Oligomeric Sugars

We determine the total oligomeric sugar content of a liquid and also the relative proportions that each monosaccharide contributes to this total amount. This involves a number of stages of analysis.

Firstly, the liquid is analysed using our ion chromatography system for the free monosaccharides and disaccharides in solution, just as in package P21 - Sugars in Solution.

Then we subject the liquid to a mild form of acid hydrolysis involving 4% sulphuric acid and 1 hour in an autoclave at 121 degrees Celcius. These conditions will break apart any oligosaccharides into their constituent monosaccharide units.

The liquid is subsequently filtered and analysed again on our IC system, to determine the amounts of various monosaccharides, after correction for any losses in sugars associated with the hydrolysis process. For each monosaccharide there will now be two values, the concentration prior to hydrolysis and that after hydrolysis.

With the exception of fructose (which degrades to hydroxymethylfurfural during the autoclaving step) all monosaccharides should be present in greater concentrations post-hydrolysis. Hence, the proportion of each sugar that is present in the original liquid in the oligomeric form can be calculated by subtracting the pre-hydrolysis concentration from the post-hydrolysis concentration. As we report the sucrose and cellobiose contents separately we correct the calculated oligomeric glucan content using those data.

In our reports we provide the pre-hydrolysis, post-hydrolysis and oligomeric concentrations of each sugar.

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Analysis Packages for Total Oligomeric Sugars

The Celignis Analysis Package(s) that determine this constituent are listed below:

P13   Sugars and Oligosaccharides in Solution
Total Oligomeric Sugars, Total Sugars, Glucose, Xylose, Mannose, Arabinose, Galactose, Rhamnose, Xylitol, Sucrose, Fructose, Sorbitol, Trehalose, Mannitol, Cellobiose, Glycerol

Further Details

P62   Sugars and Oligosaccharides in Bio-oil Water Extract
Glucose, Xylose, Mannose, Arabinose, Galactose, Rhamnose, Total Sugars, Sucrose, Fructose, Cellobiose, Levoglucosan, Cellobiosan, Mannosan, Galactosan, Total Oligomeric Sugars

Further Details

Equipment Used for Total Oligomeric Sugars Analysis

Additional Material

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