Plus info on new analysis packages.
Analysis to Maximise the Efficiency of Anaerobic Digestion
To celebrate our launch of a suite of new analysis packages relating to the feedstocks and outputs of anaerobic digestion (AD), we have written this article which explains the basics behind AD as well as how carefully-designed analysis can help to optimise process yields and to select the best mixture of feedstocks for processing.
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Celignis is a partner in one ongoing project (BIOrescue) funded by Horizon 2020's Biomass Based Industries Joint Undertaking and we are in another project starting next month. In April the 2018 call for proposals was officially launched. We have identified a number of topics where Celignis could play an important role.
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Analysis for RINs Credits
RINs credits are the currency of the USA's Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS). However, the rules involved can be quite difficult to understand. In this article we explain the process involved and how our analytical techniques can help in cases where feedstocks are not assigned to a particular category of RINs credits.
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Celignis Presentations in May
We will be presenting at a number of international events this month, we look forward to seeing you there or if you can not make it please let us know and we will be happy to send you the presentation.
3rd LBNet Conference
Lalitha will present "Low cost, high-throughput analysis for the biorefinery industry: A tool to improve efficiencies" at the Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Network's 3rd International Conference in Cheshire, England on May 17th.
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RRB-14 in Ghent
Daniel Hayes will be presenting "Spinning out from an EU research project - the story so far" at the 14th International Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries in Ghent, Belgium on June 1st.
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Zero Waste Scotland
Daniel Hayes will present "The variability of feedstock composition and how it can determine the most appropriate value chain" in Glasgow on May 23rd at "Use of Bio-Based Feedstocks to Establish New Value Chains".
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Employee Spotlight - Lalitha
Lalitha starting working at Celignis in February this year. Her role covers project management and the development of new analytical technqiues, particularly those related to the anaerobic digestion sector. Here are her responses to some questions about her background, her work at Celignis and her other interests.
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Articles of the Month
In a new feature for the Newsletter, we present selected recent scientific articles, covering different topics in the bioeconomy, which may be of interest to our clients.
Anaerobic Digestion
This 2018 paper "Biogas and its opportunities - A review" by Kougias and Angelidaki is a very useful review on AD and biogas production and presents detailed pathways for the conversion of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates to methane.
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Biorefining Processes
This paper, published this month in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews by Corato et al., provides a detailed overview of the spectrum of products that can be ontained when residues are prcoessed in biorefining technologies.
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Analytical Technqiues
"Recent advances in understanding the pseudo-lignin formation in a lignocellulosic biorefinery" by Shinde et al. in Green Chemistry provides novel technqiues for characterising pseudo-lignins formed during biorefining processes.
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