Plus info on new analysis packages.
Analysis Methods to Optimise Biomass Pretreatment
Biomass pretreatment is a crucial step for the production of advanced biofuels and chemicals from cellulosic biomass. There are a large number of different processes that can be used and a wide spectrum of potential products. In this article we detail the key analyses required to fully evaluate the efficiency of pretreatment so that conditions can be appropriately engineered for the particular feedstock and desired end products.
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Celignis Research Projects
We are a spin-out from an EU biofuels research project and are currently in a Horizon 2020 project with another one set to kick-off next month.
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New Analysis Packages!
When starch is expected but not quantified cellulose can be overestimated.
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Sugar Degradation Products
Organics acids (e.g. levulinic, formic and acetic) and furans (e.g. furfural and HMF).
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We can determine 5 uronic acids, including those present in seaweed.
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A position for a "Biomass Research Project Analyst and Coordinator" is currently available.
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New Publication on our NIR Models
A new peer-reviewed article by Celignis founder Daniel Hayes has been published. It concerns the use of our near infrared (NIR) models to analyse the lignocellulosic composition of a variety of papers and cardboards. The article follows a presentation at "Faraday Discussions" conference "Bio-resources: feeding a sustainable chemical industry", which was held at the Royal Society of Chemistry in London in June.
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Employee Spotlight - Chris
Chris has been working at Celignis since January 2017 under the position of Lab Analyst. Here are his responses to some questions about his work at Celignis as well as to a few more random questions!
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The Celignis Database
The Celignis Database
Our online database allows you to easily place orders and see the results of our analysis, even when the order has not been completed.
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