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Ordering Process

The following stages are involved in placing an order with Celignis:

  • 1. Request for a Quotation:

      You should add sample(s) to an order, either via the Celignis Database, or using our forms.

    Once your sample list, with the requested analysis packages for each sample, is complete you should request for a quotation either by pressing the "Request Quotation" button on the Celignis Database or by sending us an email with the sample form included as an attachment.

  • 2. Receipt of Quotation:

      We will typically send a quotation to you within one working day after receiving your quotation request. Upon receipt of the quotation you can either:

    (a) amend the order (see Step 3).

    (b) commit to the order (through a purchase order or payment, Step 4)

    (c) cancel the order (for example by deleting the order on the Celignis Database).

  • 3. Amend the Order (if applicable):

      At this stage you can modify your order, for example by changing analysis packages or adding/removing samples. This action can be carried out on the Celignis Database or by emailing us with an updated sample form.

    An amended order will require us to prepare a new quotation, meaning that your stage in the order process will revert to (1). You are free to modify your quotation request as many times as you wish before going ahead with an order.

  • 4. Make the Order:

      Once you are happy with your selection of samples and analysis packages you can then commit to the order via email and through the issuing of a purchase order or through payment.

    We require that first-time customers pay for the order prior to us undertaking the analysis (see step (7)). For regular customers, the sending of a purchase order to is all that is needed.

  • 5. Send the Samples:

      After placing the order, please post the samples to:

    Celignis Limited
    TG-022 Tierney Building
    University of Limerick Campus
    V94 NYD3

    Please include our standard cover letter and packing list with your shipment. This will ensure that your samples are not held up in customs and reach us rapidly. We will email you these forms once you make the order.

    If you are sending your package using recorded delievery then please let us know the tracking number so that we can monitor its progress.

  • 6. Analysis of Samples and Provision of Data:

      Once we receive your samples you will get an email from the Celignis Database informing you that they have arrived.

    We will then start the analysis of your samples. You will be able to track the progress of this analysis on the Celignis Database and will receive automated emails whenever new data are uploaded.

    When we have completed all analysis for the order you wil receive an email with the final Excel and pdf reports. At this point we will also issue the invoice, if payment has not already been made.

  • 7. Make Payment:

      We would typically expect payment within 30 days after the invoice has been issued. We accept payment via bank transfer (as outlined in the invoice) and have separate bank accounts in Euros and US dollars.

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