• With Accurate Data The Opportunities Are Limitless!!!

    At Celignis Biomass Analysis Laboratory we offer a range of analyses to provide vital compositional data to help you determine whether your biomass samples are suitable for the production of biofuels, chemicals, or energy.

  • We use advanced equipment to ensure, Quality data are obtained.

    Equipment Used for Analysis includes FOSS XDS NIR, Dionex ICS-3000, HP 8452A, Vario MACRO, Bomb Calorimeter, Carbolite Volatile Matter Furnace, Gas Chromatograph with Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS), Biogas 5000 Portable Biogas Analyser...

With Accurate Data the Opportunities are Limitless...

We are a dedicated biomass laboratory whose team of experts provide you with the most precise data, allowing you to make the best use of your biomass feedstocks and optimise your biomass conversion processes.

Our clients range from start-ups to multinationals and world-leading universities, spanning over 30 countries.

Our Ethos

"We see huge potential for biomass to sustainably meet global energy and material needs. Through innovation, passion, and determination, we at Celignis strive to make a difference in the development of the bioeconomy."

Daniel Hayes, CEO

Our expertise extends far beyond analysis. We have in-depth understanding of the implications of composition and can design processes to fully valorise biomass.

Our Areas of Expertise

During his PhD Celignis founder Dan Hayes found that accurate understanding on the composition of feedstocks and process outputs was crucial to optimising processes to valorise biomass. He decided to launch Celignis to provide this compositional and process expertise to the sector.
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Innovation is at the core of everything we do.
In the bioeconomy if you stand still you end up being left behind.
Celignis was born from pioneering research and our burning desire to innovate will never fade.

Our Current EU-Funded Collaborative Research Projects

BIONEER, is an Innovation Action project funded by the CBE-JU, under topic HORIZON-JU-CBE-2023-IA-06. This project will start in June 2024 with Celignis, an SME partner and full industry BIC member, playing a leading role in the scaled-up (1 m3) production of platform chemicals.

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PERFECOAT, a RIA project funded by the BBI JU, targets the development of novel sustainable coatings that will ultimately be available to the public. Celignis is responsible for the extraction and modification of polymers (xylan and chitosan) that will be used as binders in these coatings.

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Enxylascope aims at bioprospecting and producing a novel set of xylan debranching enzymes, thereby demonstrating its ability to make xylan a key ingredient in a variety of consumer products. Celignis is playing a key role, being the technical lead and responsible for the extraction and modification of xylan from biomass.

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PROMOFER, is an Innovation Action project funded by the CBE-JU, under topic HORIZON-JU-CBE-2023-IA-03. This project will start in June 2024 with Celignis playing a pivotal role in the project. Our core activities include undertaking the pre-treatment and hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass at scaled-up (TRL7, 1 m3) volumes. The resulting sugars are then provided to other partners for downstream fermentations.

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MANUREFINERY, is an Innovation Action project funded by the CBE-JU, under topic HORIZON-JU-CBE-2023-IA-01 (Small Scale Biorefining In Rural Areas). This project will start in September 2024 with Celignis, an SME partner and full industry BIC member, involved in the analysis of feedstocks and products of the process. We are also contributing towards the technoeconomic analysis (TEA) of the technologies.

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This demo project involves innovative superheated steam processing of unwanted bush and invasive biomass into high-value, clean-burning, low-cost solid biofuel. Celignis will analyse feedstocks, and process outputs, and use our QTOF-LC/MS system to profile the steam condensate for high value chemicals. We will then develop a method to recover target constituents.
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BIO4AFRICA will empower smallholder farmers by creating value from locally available biomass. Celignis is analysing a wide range of biomass feedstocks, from a number of African countries, and providing recommendations regarding the most suitable ones, under the best conditions, for the given processing technology. We also analyse the outputs of the various processes.
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We are proud of the knowledge, passion, and work ethic of our team. They have played key roles in the formulation, optimisation, and commercial evaluation of biomass valorisation processes in industry and academia.

Meet the Team

Dan Hayes

CEO and Founder

PhD (Analytical Chemistry)

Dreamer and achiever. Took Celignis from a concept in a research project to being the bioeconomy's premier provider of analytical and bioprocessing expertise.

Lalitha Gottumukkala

Chief Innovation Officer


Lalitha is currently working on the Horizon 2020 project ENABLING, finding best practices for stakeholders in the bioeconomy and profiling the quantities and composition of different feedstocks across Europe.

Sajna KV

Bioanalysis Developer


Our Biomass Detective! Designs, tests, optimizes and validates robust analytical methods for the identification and quantification of functional molecules. Expertise in metabolite profiling, isolation and purification.

Oscar Bedzo

Techneconomic Analysis Lead


A dynamic, purpose-driven chemical engineer with expertise in bioprocess development, process design, simulation and techno-economic analysis over several years in the bioeconomy sector.

Kwame Donkor

Research in Anaerobic Digestion

BSc, MSc, Phd (yr 4)

Undertaking a PhD at Celignis focused on advancing the art of anaerobic digestion technologies relevant to Irish farming communities.

Piotr Dobkowski

Orders and Data Manager


Feeds on quality data! Piotr plays a major role in data processing and Orders management at Celignis.

Edgar Ramirez Huerta

Chromatography Manager


An enthusiast for the bioeconomy with 10+ years of involvement in the polymers and textiles space.

Kassiani Pliatsika

Lignocellulose Analysis manager


With in-depth understanding of the diverse chemistry of biomass, Kassie designs the analytical work flow and ensures accurate data are provided.

The Celignis Difference

Global Recognition as Biomass Experts

We provide valued services to over 1000 clients. We understand how feedstocks and technologies can differ regionally and have advised a global network of clients on their bioeconomy projects. We have customs exemptions for samples sent to us, allowing us to quickly get to work no matter where our clients are based.

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Heart for the Bioeconomy, Mind for Business

Biomass is complex. One approach won't work. But with the right mix of composition, technology, and product it can be profitable and sustainable. We're scientists with business brains. Let us help you find the right path.

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Data at Your Fingertips

We know how important your samples are and your need to access data quickly and easily. That's is why we created the Celignis Database where you can view results as the order is ongoing.

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We Never Settle for "Good Enough"

Celignis was formed based on research that revolutionised the rapid analysis of advanced biofuel feedstocks. We constantly ask ourselves how things can be done better and what our next revolution will be.

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