• Kassiani Pliatsika
    Lignocellulose Analysis Manager


Kassiani finished her studies in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece as an Agriculturist in the field of plant sciences with Integrated Master’s Degree. She started her internship in Celignis at March 2020 as a lab analyst, performing the Acid Hydrolysis of solid Biomass analysis for 6 months.

She joined Celignis as an employee at September 2020 and now she is the manager of lignocellulosic composition analysis, managing a team of people in Extraction and Acid Hydrolysis of biomass. In Celignis she has worked in different analysis (Thermal analysis, CHNS, Bomb, microbiology).

Currently Kassiani is responsible of the lignocellulosic analysis department that includes the pre-treatment of the samples using Accelerated solvent extractors and Acid hydrolysis of biomass department. She has also developed capabilities for troubleshooting the Accelerated solvent extractors. She has worked with different types of biomasses and she can understand the samples’ behaviour for the best pre-treatment.