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    P20 : Lignin S/G Ratio

Constituents Determined

For every constituent determined via wet-chemical analysis each sample is analysed in duplicate and we provide the compositional data for each replicate along with the average value and the standard deviation between the duplicates. Our analytical protocols typically provide results with a high level of precision, as detailed here.

Examples of the data reports generated can be viewed on the Celignis Database. Please log on to the guest account using email "test@celignis.com" and password "celignis".

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Equipment Used for Lignin S/G Ratio Analysis

Gas Chromatograph with Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS)

Our lab has an Agilent 6890 gas chromatograph (GC) coupled to an Agilent 5973 mass selective detector (Mass Spectrometer).

CDS Pyroprobe 5200

We use this item, coupled to our GC/MS system, to determine the S/G ratio in lignin.