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The Oxygen content of a sample is the contribution that Oxygen makes to the total mass of the sample. Click here for more information on the elemental composition of biomass.

We determine the oxygen content by difference according to the formula below:

Oxygen (%) = 100 - Carbon(% Dry Basis) - Hydrogen(% Dry Basis) - Nitrogen(% Dry Basis) -Sulphur(% Dry Basis) - Ash(% Dry Basis)

We report the oxygen content on a dry-mass basis as well as on an as-received basis and a dry ash-free basis (providing that the ash content and as-received moisture content of the sample have also been determined). We use the calculations outlined in European Standard EN 15296:2011 ("Solid biofuels - Conversion of analytical results from one basis to another") to carry out these conversions. Our figure for the oxygen content of the sample on an as-received basis only considers the oxygen present in the biomass and not that present in the water.

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Analysis Packages for Oxygen

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We can determine the Oxygen content of biomass, click here to learn more about our various biomass analysis methods.