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Cysteine (2-amino-3-sulfhydrylpropanoic acid) is a sulphur-containing amino acid. It is an alpha-amino acid and is polar. L-cysteine, denoted by E920, has been used as a flavour enhancer and dough conditioner. The addition of L-cysteine enhances the flavour of food by taking part in the Maillard reaction.

L-cysteine has been one of the ingredients in many skins care and hair care products. In hair styling products, it acts by modifying the disulphide bridge and altering hair texture.

L-cysteine is an essential ingredient incorporated into poultry feed that provides the healthy plumage to poultry birds.

Cysteine overproducing mutant of E.coli are employed for the fermentative production of L-cysteine.

Amino acid analysis of many seaweeds showed the presence of cysteine in relatively low concentration. However, cell sap of green algae Valonia macrophysa contains a high concentration of free cysteine.

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Analysis Packages for Cystine

The Celignis Analysis Package(s) that determine this constituent are listed below:

Equipment Used for Cystine Analysis

Ion Chromatography

A Dionex ICS-3000 system that is equipmed with electrochemical, conductivity, and ultraviolet-visible detectors.

Additional Material

We can determine the Cystine content of biomass, click here to learn more about our various biomass analysis methods.

We can determine the Cystine content of seaweed, click here to learn more about our various methods for analysing seaweed.