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    P3 : Ash Content

Constituents Determined

For every constituent determined via wet-chemical analysis each sample is analysed in duplicate and we provide the compositional data for each replicate along with the average value and the standard deviation between the duplicates. Our analytical protocols typically provide results with a high level of precision, as detailed here.

Examples of the data reports generated can be viewed on the Celignis Database. Please log on to the guest account using email "test@celignis.com" and password "celignis".

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Analytical Procedure for Ash Content

☑ Step 1: Determination of Ash Content

The following steps are involved in determining the Ash content:

1. The moisture content of the sample is determined by taking a subsample in a crucible of known weight and drying in an oven overnight at 105 degrees celcius.

2. After the dried sample is weighed it is then placed in a Nabertherm L-240H1SN muffle furnace and the following program used:

(i)     Ramp from room temperature to 105C.
(ii)    Hold at 105C for 12 minutes.
(iii)   Ramp to 250C at 10C/minute.
(iv)   Hold at 250C for 30 minutes.
(v)    Ramp to 575C at 20C/ minute.
(vi)   Hold at 575C for 180 minutes.
(vii)  Allow temperature to drop to 105C.
(viii) Hold at 105C until the samples are removed.

3. The ash samples are then weighed and the ash content calculated.

Equipment Used for Ash Content Analysis

Muffle Furnace

A Nabertherm furnace is used for the determination of the ash content of samples and also in the analytical protocol for determining Klason lignin content.