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Contact Via Webform with your summary of the work you would like us to carry out.
There are several methods by which you can request the analysis of samples and obtain quotations for our services:

  Using our Celignis Database:

  We provide a user-friendly online system for placing and modifying orders and requesting quotations. By registering for this online database you will also be able to view and sort the analytical data using a web browser, with several graphical representations of the data also provided. Click here for instructions on how to use this database.

By Email:

  You can send us an email to sales@celignis.com with a written summary of the work you would like us to carry out. As an optional extra you can fill in a quotation-request form (Microsoft Word 2007+ Version, Microsoft Word 97-2003 Version, Microsoft Excel Version). Click here for an example of a filled-in form. You can then include your form as as an attachment to your email.

Give us a Call:

  We can be reached between the hours of 9am-6pm (GMT) at (+353) 61 518 440 or outside these hours at (+353) 89 455 5582.

Click here to see the steps involved in placing an order with Celignis.

Contact Via Webform

Address for Sample Delivery

Our address for sample delivery is:
   Celignis Limited
   Unit 11 Holland Road
   Plassey Technology Park
   Castletroy (V94 7Y42)
   Limerick, Ireland
   Phone: +353 61 371 725

Sample Requirements

The main requirements for sample analysis are outlined below, if you require further detail please contact us at sales@celignis.com.

Amount of Sample: Click here to see a table outlining the minimum weight requirements for each analysis package.

Particle Size: The infrared and chemical anaysis of samples requires them to be well ground, with a particle size of less than 500 microns (0.5mm). If your sample is not ground to this specification then we will need to carry out some sample preparation work (Celignis Analysis Package P1). The cost of this will depend on the amount of sample that needs to be processed and the original state of the material.

We recommend that you specify whether the sample is a bulk solid (for example, a block of wood), a chopped material (with particle size greater than 0.5mm), or a ground material with a particle size less than 0.5mm. This information can be provided in your email, on the Order Form, or using the Celignis Database.

Moisture: We can accept delivery of wet samples. However, for all analysis packages except P2 (Moisture Content), we will need to air-dry these samples prior to other stages of sample preparation and chemical/infrared analysis. The cost of this will be included in Celignis Analysis Package P1 (Sample Preparation) and will depend on the amount of work involved for each sample.

If you plan to send wet samples to us, please ensure that these are kept in air-sealed containers (bags, boxes etc.) so that the moisture content will not be lost during delivery.

If you plan to dry the samples yourself, please ensured that this is carried out at room-temperature (air-drying). This may take several days for some samples and will require them being periodically turned to ensure that the drying is uniforn. Do not use an oven to dry samples since this can result in the loss of some volatile components.

Anaerobic Digestion: If you are sending samples for the determinaion of their biomethane potential then there are special requirement regarding the amount of sample to be sent and the containers that the samples are stored in. Please go here to see those guidelines.

Ash Melting Behaviour: Please note that we the tests to determine the ash melting behavour of samples are undertaken on the ashed sample. We will need at least 1g of ash to undertake the test and the amount of biomass required to make this amount of ash will depend on the ash content of the feedstock.