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    Extractives (Water-Soluble)

The Water-Soluble Extractives content is the proportion of the biomass that is lost as a result of extraction with water.

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Analysis Packages for Extractives (Water-Soluble)

The Celignis Analysis Package(s) that determine this constituent are listed below:

Analytical Procedure for Extractives (Water-Soluble)

☑ Step 1: Removal of Water-Soluble Extractives

The steps involved in the removal of water-soluble extractives from samples are listed below:

1. The moisture content of the sample is determined, in duplicate.

2. Two 11 ml capacity DIONEX ASE (Accelerated Solvent Extraction) cells are filled with recorded weights of the sample.

3. The following DIONEX ASE 200 Method is then used on each cell:

   Pressure:   1500 psi
   Temperature:   100 celcius
   Preheat Time:   0 mins
   Heat Time:   5 mins
   Static Time:   7 mins
   Flush Volume:   150%
   Purge Time:   150 s
   Static Cycles:   3
   Solvent:   Water

4. A box, of known weight, is taken and the remaining biomass from the extraction cell transferred to it. This is repeated for the other cell.

5. After 2 days each box is weighed again and the moisture content of a subsample of the extracted biomass determined (in duplicate).

6. The weight of extractives is determined as the mass loss in the biomass sample due to extraction in the ASE-200 (corrected for moisture).

Equipment Used for Extractives (Water-Soluble) Analysis

Solvent Extractor

Dionex ASE-200 devices are used to determine the extractives (water-soluble, ethanol-soluble) contents of biomass samples.

Additional Material

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